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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

American Rapstar Busta Rhymes set to remix Faze 'Originality' song because it is his best African song

Busta who rated faze's song as his best african song ever while at the press conference in south africa where he performed at the big brother amplified opening ceremony. Busta said Faze is his favorite African hiphop artiste claimed he loved the song the first time heard it in a club in lagos (the first time he came to africa) and since then had it on repley on his ipod.

Report has it that the american hiphop star is going ahead to do his own version of the song. Faze has been receiving congratulatory tweets from friends, fans and colleagues on twitter.

Wow! That's a big move. I'm happy for Faze

This was busta said
"When we got to the club, i guess the guy is faze
right?he got that song oh oh ,this is reality,thats
the song right?when i tell you for the next
three,four weeks after i heard the song,i put it in
my ipod that i will not stop playing this
record,one of my favourite songs I've heard from
hiphop artiste in Africa.i really tried to see if
there was a way i could take the song back to the state"

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