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Monday, May 23, 2011

How I cope with romantic roles in Movie - Tonto Dikeh

"We don't have to have a mutual relationship. As an artist, it is something you should be able to insulate in your professional career. Sometimes I don't even know those I act with so well. Sometimes I just meet them and act and after the movie, I collect my money and I go on my way. End of story! What I do to with romantic kissing roles is just to keep looking at the money I'm to be paid. I will just be thinking of my money when I'm kissing the person. My own is just pay me and let me move on to the next movie" Tonto Dike to a City People reporter
Money, such a great motivator. Sometimes I feel like giving up on this blogging thingy when insults and threats become too much, but then I think of all the cheques I'm getting and I sigh. Lol. I'm kidding o... I'd blog even if I wasn't making money from it. Other than kissing, *cough* *cough*, there's absolutely nothing I love more than doing this! In fact I spend more time now blogging than running my business. And you guys make it so much fun for me...gracias!

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