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Friday, May 6, 2011

I caught my husband and a bootylicious babe on our bed. waht should i do!!!

Wife Coming Home Finding Her Husband Cheating with another Woman Stock Photo - 7183591 

Dated him for 4 and half years. And for the first time, i caught him cheating. He was acting funny for two days, so i ambushed him, went to his house at 5am, lo and behold, a babe was in his house, in the room. Turns out they met a week ago, and he invited her over, and she came to spend the night. Anyway, she left to her own house, after which i broke up with him immediately in anger.
Its about two weeks now, ex-fiance still begging and begging for a second chance. The thing that pained me most is that the girl is not like me at all. She is kinda like Mercy-Johnson backside with cossy ojioakor front side, while me i am a lepacious genevieve body type, so it was obvious that he wanted more than me body could offer.
He claims this is the first time which i doubt of course, and wants us to still go ahead with the relationship and our planned wedding. If you were in my shoes what would you do? will you forgive a cheat?

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