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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jossy of Big Brother Africa evicted

The second live eviction show of MNet’s Big Brother Amplified took place on May 15 and it delivered yet more surprises as Namibia’s Jossy was sent home after receiving the fewest votes from Africa last week.  Confidence, Vimbai, Vina and Weza

returned to the ‘Heads’ house to continue with the game, while Ethiopia’s Danny was sent to the ‘Tails’ house  but none of the Housemates knew exactly what was happening or what to expect. During the show, IK called all six nominated Housemates onto the stage, explaining to the audience as they made their way there, that the four most popular Housemates would be returning to the ‘Heads’ house, the fifth most popular would be sent to the ‘Tails’ house, while the sixth and least popular Housemate who received the fewest votes would be heading home.
After chatting briefly to each of the six, IK asked Confidence, Vimbai, Vina and Weza to stand. “Big Brother has asked me to tell you to leave the stage,” he said, not revealing their fate. Once they had departed, IK then asked Danny to leave the stage – with the Ethiopian unaware that he was heading to the ‘Tails’ house, before revealing to Jossy that he had become the first Housemate to be evicted from Big Brother Amplified. He thanked the Namibian for playing a good game and after showing him some highlights of his time in the House, sent him off stage for the final time.

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