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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Psquare denied receiving $1m prize money on US National TV.

One year after Nigeria’s nominees, P-Square and reggae artiste Prince Wadada, won at the 2010 edition of KORA, they are yet to be paid their monetary prize.
While P-Square was voted the Artistes of the year with a million dollars (N150m) in prize money attached, Prince Wadada won as the Best reggae artiste of the year plus twenty thousand dollars (N3m).
Jude Engees, elder brother and producer of P-Square videos who smiled home with the video producer award and twenty thousand dollars (N3m) in prize money is also yet to receive his monetary gift.
Apart from the money, the winners are also yet to receive a dime from the organisers of the awards after they were contracted toplay at a command performance in honour of President Blaise Campaore whose country Burkina Faso hosted the controversial awards in Ouagadougou.
Prince Wadada, the first Nigerian musician to win in that category and who was atawards held at the Burkinabecapital, told Showtime that “it is an unfortunate situation.

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