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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Real reasons why Dagrin Movie 'GHETTO DREAMZ' flopped!

Stingomania ent. CEO, Ope Banwo came about the idea of making DaGrin movie last year, naming veteran movie director, Lancelot Imaseun as the director of the biopic. And later, for undisclosed reasons, Daniel Ademonikan replaced Lancelot Imaseun as the director of the movie. In a recent interview, Lancelot disclosed the reason why he was replaced, claiming he declined the offer after the movie producer, Ope banwo failed to meet up with N7million to N10million movie budget he demanded for; Mr. Ope whose company received 'Fastest Rising Entertainment Company' award at the city people awards recently told city people that N10million budget was made for the dagrin biopic. In a chat with Barrister Ope Banwo (the movie producer) he claimed lancelot had signed the contract to direct the movie in July, 2010. And an agreement has been made pay N3million (Director's fee) to Lancelot. He denied claims made by Lancelot thatthey disagreed on the amount budgeted for the movie. Mr. Ope further explained that Mr. Charles who was meant to write the movie failed to deliver after 7 months due to his busy failed to deliver after 7 months due to his busy schedule; promoting new movie, bent arrow.Mr. Ope Banwo who was surprised at the response Lancelot gave said" We could not believe that Mr Lancelot would claim that he pulled out of Ghetto Dreamz movie due to arguments about money. He couldn't have said that because that would be a lie.MR LANCELOT SIGNED AN AGREEMENT THAT WAS WITNESSED BY PEOPLE WITH PICTURES TAKEN at THE SIGNING OCCASION. Howcan u have disagrement over money after signing? There was absolutely no disagreement on money. We didnt use him becos when we were finally ready to go on location in Jan, he claimed he had to go abroad to promote his own movie and we chose Daniel becos we couldn't wait. Lancelot never pulled out as claimed.How could he when he already signed an agreement? We let him go due to scheduling conflicts caused by the man he himself insisted should write a script for him. I respect the press but I will seriously doubt that Lancelot with claim money as the issue.

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