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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stop insulting my boobs - KAREN OF BBA WARNS

Karen is back with her deep and weird tales. Talked about personal issues like how she and Vina (the 2nd nigerian representative) shared the same man while in UK, how her step father never showed her the slightest bit of interest and othersTwo things defines Karen in the house, her controversial tales and fake boobs. She's proud of it coz she's spent so much to get them
It was on a early sunday morning(last week), when Karen gathered some housemates to tell another tail. She warned them against insulting her fake boobs, considering the pain she went through doing boob job; its the most sensitive part of her body. She disclosed the lumps she had in her breast prompted her to do boob job.
Karen wept after addressing the boobs issue. Quite emotional...felt it. But I see no genuine reason why she did the breast implant.

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