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Friday, May 27, 2011

Timaya finally becomes peace Ambassador!

As the days roll by, music star, Timaya, is giving fans, followers and industry stakeholders reasons to overlook his recent controversial past and see him from a constructive, loving prism.

Less than two weeks after news broke that he was embarking on a tour of ten European countries, the dancehall act gleefully announced to a cross section of the media recently that he had been appointed a Peace Ambassador by the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, . Though there were no photos depicting an official presentation ceremony, Timaya proudly displayed his certificate.

Jointly signed by Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Haan Moon, founder and co-founder of the IIFWP respectively, Timaya, the certificate reads, was chosen for this honour because he is “One of those individuals whose lives exemplify the ideal of living for the sake of others, and who dedicate themselves to practices which promote the founding ideals of the IIFWP.”

Bobbing and weaving, excitement clearly etched on his brows, the dreadlocks wearing singer who also prides himself as the Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa says, “I am happy. This goes to show that the ideals I am using my music to preach are not in vain. I have sung and talked about it, and I will keep doing so, that Nigeria can only progress unless the Federal Government pays more than lip service to the agitations of the people of the Niger Delta. It is even a good thing that the President is from that region which means that things will surely get better. I thank those who deemed it expedient to make me a Peace Ambassador and I promise not to relent in this struggle.”

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