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Monday, May 23, 2011

Why I am not holding my wedding on May 21 - Faithia Balogun

   The heavily hyped wedding of Yoruba actress Fathia Balogun didn’t hold after all. Fathia had confirmed the gist of  the wedding some months back, stating that the wedding proper would hold on May 21. Movie lovers and friends of Fathia looked forward to the date after her engagement to Ade, a US based Nigerian took place in January 2011.
  The wedding of Fathia to Ade, was one of the most talked about celebrity marriage.  A lot of people were surprise when the marriage didn’t hold again. 
 Could this mean that the wedding plans have collapsed? In a report by Afolabi Oyekoya, Fathia was said to have met some brick walls in the plan to Houston Texas based dude. When Fathia went to the US, she discovered that Ade is still married to a white woman. They also have a child together. The white woman was said to have threatened to sue Ade over she considered bigamy.

 In a bid to confirm the story, Fathia waved the question aside stating that the May 21 wedding was only a ‘provisional’ date (whatever that means).
  Fathia, who is partly Delta and partly Yoruba was married to actor, Saheed Balogun before their marriage crashed over allegations and counter allegations of adultery. Saheed alleged that Fathia’s escapades with a popular movie producer led to the collapse of their marriage.
 Speculations are rife in town that the whole marriage plan was done in a hurry just to get back at Saheed her former husband. 
Our source gathered that Fathia wanted to show off that she can get someone better than him. She wanted Saheed to be envious.Those who are not in tune with that school of thought, said  Fathia needed to get a man of her own after all Saheed has moved on. 
 We have heard stories of his romance with other actresses including Funke Adeshiyan.So let Fathia be!
 One of Fathia's friends told Our source today from America that the wedding plan is still on but the date won't me made for the general public for personal reasons.

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  1. Life goes on "noni". Though God is not in support of divorce but if it involves loss of life one can do otherwise but remember the children involved.


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