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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The world will end May 21 2011 this week - Prophet


Will the world end this week?

That’s the latest poser from doomsday prophets, who are sounding what appears like the last trumpet.

Those behind the prediction, in the United States (U.S.), have launched a worldwide billboard campaign advertising “Judgement Day May 21”.

Going by their timing, the world will end starting from New Zealand through the U.S. on Friday and in Nigeria on Saturday, after a massive earthquake.

There have been several announcements on a California-based radio company, known as Family Radio, which has also placed the messages on billboards.

Although most people think it is a big joke, because of several failed predictions in the past, the billboards say: “The Bible guarantees it.”

About 75 of the billboards grace state roadways, including one in Stafford Township, at the intersection of East Bay Avenue and Hilliard Boulevard.
A handful of the billboards are located across southern New Jersey, including main roadways in Cumberland County.
Michael Garcia, Family Radio’s special projects coordinator, oversaw the billboard project. Garcia pulled from Bible verses that God is going to destroy the world through an earthquake, which will start in New Zealand at 6 a.m. on May 21, and from there the earthquake will follow the Sun and go from nation to nation.
According to Family Radio, a five-month torment on earth will follow, with God destroying the world on Oct. 21.
“I think people should grab a King James Bible and be pleading for mercy from God. Our job is that this information is found in the Bible and we are watchmen and we’re supposed to,  blow the trumpet,  warn the people, and that’s from Ezekiel 33:3,” Garcia said.

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