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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How I got engaged to my fiancee through a motor Accident!....Lagos Banker

My name is Philip and I am a Banker in Lagos. I hail from the eastern part of the country and I'm in my early 30's. Though I live in Lagos, I love to keep in touch with the area I come from. So every year at Christmas I love to travel home to the village. As an Igbo man, going home at Easter or Christmas is a must for me.
My parents are old retired civil seravnts. They live in the village with other elderly members of my extended family. Because my parents live in the village with other elderly members of my extended family. Because my parents live in the village, traveling home at Christmas is made all the more special for me as I look forward to seeing my parents again. Traveling home to the village also affords me the opportunity to re-unite with my childhood friends. I have been traveling home consistently at Christmas for the past seven years until two years ago I had a ghastly motor accident around Ore along the Lagos-Benin-Onitsha road.
I was traveling in a small bus because of the inconvenience associated with traveling with the luxury buses on December 23
The rush was too much so I preferred to travel with a small bus. The driver has been over-speeding right from the moment we left Lagos. All our attempts to make him see reason and reduce his speed had fallen on deaf ears. The driver drove so fast and before long we were approaching Ore. That was when the accident occurred.
I don't know exactly how I found myself at a hospital in Benin City. But the people who rescued me told me that one of the tyres exploded and the vehicle somersaulted before crashing into a bush. Two passengers lost their lives and the injured ones, including myself were rushed to the hospital.
I regained consciousness in the hospital to find that i had sustained a broken leg. However, there was one young lady among the people that rescued me that really assisted me.
She cooked and brought food and provisions to me on my hospital bed and helped me get in touch with my family. This lady stayed by my side throughout that ugly period of my life and I vowed to marry her as a way of paying her back for her goodness.
I believe that any lady who can stand by a man in his time of travail will make a good wife. I believe that Anita, the lady that helped me, is my God-sent wife. That is because several ladies deserted me in the past when I had no money. Right now we are engaged to marry later this year 2011. It is going to be an inter-tribal marriage because I'am Igbo while Anita is from Benin. My parents do not mind because Anita helped to save my life.

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