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Friday, June 10, 2011

Immaturity destroys my marriage - Foluke Daramola

Separated from her husband for some years now, Foluke Daramola has every reason to blame the failed marriage on immaturity and her inability to handle the issues of matrimony carefully. She also blamed her woes on bad press, insisting that the media was not fair to her. The actress admits seeing somebody at the moment even though she not considering of going into marriage as soon as possible. Read on.
You’ve been busy since I arrived here. What are you actually working on?
I’m working on a new TV series, ATag Team. It’s already on TV Continental and it’s going to be syndicated to other channels later. I’m also working on my talk show, AFulfilling Desires – it’s an NGO enhancement talk show, it celebrates people as well. And everything I’m doing now is powered by myself. I got my fingers burnt when I borrowed a huge amount of money to shoot my movie titled AWakati Eda.@ And at the end of the day, I got nothing from my marketer. Today, I’m indebted to a lot of people who invested into the production.
Are you also starring in the TV series?
Yes, I’m playing a prominent role in the series.
It appears you are more of a producer than an actress?
No doubt, I’ve been producing movies, but I started out with TV seriels and soaps. So, this time around, I have made up my mind to go back into producing TV series. Movie making is full of uncertainties. So, as an artiste, it’s wise to diversify. That’s why I have decided to go into TV serials.
I made my debut through soap operas and I understand how it works. It doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t be producing movies, I just want to diversify into other areas. Also, my talk show has been my passion , I’ve been working on it for the past five years.
What kind of orientation did you have, as a child ?
I come from a Christian family, my mother is a staunch Christian. I lost my father when I was two years old, so I didn’t meet him. I’m extremely an independent and hardworking woman. Over the years, I’ve come to realise that if you are determined, hardworking and truthful, the sky would be your limit. The realisation of this axiom has helped in shaping my life.
After graduating from Obafami Awolowo University, did you work before veering into acting?
I started acting since I was a teenager. Along the line, I went to the University and studied International Relations. Then, I did my Masters in International Law and Diplomacy from University of Lagos, I’m still in the classroom. Acting is a part of me and it comes naturally. But I’ve been able to combine it with academics because I love to read. I may end up becoming a lecturer.
Was it easy to find your feet in the acting profession?
In my time, that was in the 90s, it was easier to get into acting. But from my mother’s point of view, it wasn’t easy because she was sure that artistes were social miscreants who don’t have to exist. But I was lucky to have good people who gave me the leverage to excel in the industry.
People like Tunde Bamishigbin and Ralph Nwandike helped me with all that I needed and taught me a lot of things.
The journey been so far?
I’ve had my challenges. And part of the challenge is that I lost my privacy. Then, the fact that sometimes, you just want to keep some part of your life secret but at the end of the day, you find out that you don’t have a secret.
Again, I’ve had bad press. I’ve got loads of bad press but I just believe that everything in life is about ‘bitter-sweet’ which one must accept unconditionally.
So what was the scandal ?
Definitely, there’s a whole lot of it. There’s one where they said I was broke and ride bike. And I can decide to take a bike in order to beat the chaotic traffic congestion. If I need to get to somewhere urgently, I could take a bike and it doesn’t mean that I’m broke.
Foluke Daramola
And if you say that you’re celebrating your celebrities then, we should celebrate more of the moral part of them than the material part.
You said earlier that some people helped you get into the industry. Does that mean that you didn’t have your own share of sexual harassment from the producers?
I’m sorry I didn’t go through such ordeal. I always tell people that it takes two to tango. Or maybe, it’s because I’m a very proud person. I go to locations where I have roles to play. So, if I don’t have business being somewhere, you wouldn’t find me there. And I’m not the desperate type. Whenever actresses allege they are being harassed, I believe it takes them going to such places and moving with such producers. But it’s a different ball game if both like each other and want to date.
Have you also been approached by lesbians in the industry?
I’ve heard they exist in the industry, but I’ve never been approached by them. And sorry, I’m not one of them. Besides, I’ve not even finished sleeping with men not to talk of women.
So how are you fairing as a single mother?
God has been faithful. I love to see them around and God has shown me much love that I have enough love to show to my kids. Basically why I don’t keep friends is that I’m more matured about things. I can’t go to locations without thinking of them. And I want my kids to emulate me.
Is there a mistake you’ve made that you wouldn’t want to repeat?
None. No mistakes. But I’ve had misdeeds that I’d have done another way but not mistakes. Maybe, my marriage, I would have been able to understand the kind of man I was dealing with or perhaps, become more matured about marriage before going into it.
Are you saying that you were not matured when you got into married?
Of course yes. I thought I loved him and marriage is more than that. Maybe, I handled it differently.
You ‘ve separated from your husband for sometime now, are you thinking of re-marrying?
I’m in a relationship but marriage is not on my mind at the moment.
Supposing your new lover proposes to you?
We both have an understanding that I’m not down with marriage. But if he’s believing so, maybe, we can change our minds in future. But for now, it’s not on my mind.
How do you cope with your breasts?
Well, I used to be embarrassed when I was much younger. But later, when people started appreciating it, I felt differently about it- I started carrying it well and over time, it’s more of a plus to me than a minus.
When did you start noticing changes with your boobs?
It was during my secondary school days, when I noticed that my friends looked normal and it seemed that I was abnormal.
But later, I got used to it. When I was in the university, I used to flaunt it and wear low necks but I’m more matured now. Once in a while, I try to be daring but I control it because of my kids.
What were the things you used to do that you can no longer do?
I used to go clubbing, go out and spend night out, wore daring clothes. But now I can’t do most of them anymore. Although I do it once in a while although I no longer club except when I go for events.
Was that how you met your husband?
No o! I met my ex-husband in church. One thing about me is that despite that I club and do all that, I still have my psyche. But it’s not where you meet someone that matters but who that person is. Because there are club guys and girls who are still responsible. Every marriage and relationship has its peculiarities.

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