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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oshiomhole denies impregnating 24-yr-old undergraduate

In what appears to be a break of silence, Edo state Governor, comrade Adams Oshiomhole has described as unfounded the lingering rumour alleging that he impregnated an undergraduate female student, saying it was a calculated attempt by his political detractors to rubbish his name.
“There are rumours making the rounds that l had impregnated a lady from Uromi and that l was going to marry her. I’d like to state that it is all rumours. We shall not be deterred in our resolve to institute good governance in Edo state’’
The comrade governor was alleged to have impregnated a 24-yr-old undergraduate female student in one of the faculties at the state owned university, Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma. The rumour equally has it that the comrade governor may have also perfected plans to secretly get wedded to the said Lady who purportedly hails from Uromi, Esan North East local government area of the state, six months after the demise of his wife, Clara.
Governor Oshiomhole refuted the speculation while swearing in the newly appointed secretary to the state government, Dr Simon Imuokemhe at the festival Hall, Edo State Government House.
In his address, moments after administering relevant  oath of office, Governor Oshiomhole disclosed that he decided to settle for the immediate past Head of Service as the secretary to the state governor because he is “a resourceful personality who would always be ready to give very honest advice’’.
He noted that Imuokemhe was a loyal personality who has always lived up to the oath of not divulging information to unauthorised persons and ever ready to speak the truth to power irrespective of the consequences thereafter.
“Imuokemhe and I came from a place that is not close to civilisation and as such during the period Osunbor was Governor (even though illegal), I thought Imuokemhe as Head of Service would be revealing to me some happenings in the government. But he never did and took very seriously that portion of not divulging information in the oath of office. After my swearing-in as Governor, I thought of sacking him because of that but someone advised me not to sack as we need somebody with experience in government.
“The man is loyal to his boss and we have found in him a very resourceful personality who will give his honest advice. We have in him someone who will speak truth to power no matter the consequence.”
According to the Governor, the new SSG voluntarily retired in February this as Head of Service (HoS) to give way for other Permanent Secretaries in the state to aspire to the position even though he still has some years to serve.
“After one year into our administration, he personally came to me and said he wanted to resign not because he was not comfortable with my style, in fact he said he was enjoying it but for the fact that he wanted other Permanent Secretaries to rise to that position before their compulsory retirement. When I looked his age, I found out that he could even another administration as HoS even though he has served three administrations including this present one.
Meanwhile, other Permanent Secretaries were being retired compulsorily. We pressed him on to stay for another year. Again, this year reminded me of this and on February 28, we accepted his resignation’’
“For me this is uncommon in a society where people falsify age to remain in service. Today’s appointment therefore is a reward for those truthful qualities”. He said.

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