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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pasuma completes N150 Million Mansion in Lagos

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Fuji star, Pasuma is currently away in the united States, “for business and pleasure” according to those close to him. And, when he returns on February 28, he‘ll finally be making that long overdue move, from his Omole flat to his own property in Ojodu, Lagos.

Reliable sources told e-Punch the husky-voiced performer, who‘s taking Fuji to new audiences and blurring the line between Fuji and urbane music, ‘‘does not plan to return to his old home when he gets back.”

As at last week, final touches were being put to Pasuma‘s property (already nicknamed Paso‘s Palace by those close to him) while some of his kids and workers moved belongings from his Omole home into the new duplex located inside River Valley Estate in Ojodu, around Berger in Lagos.

Since his debut with Eru Owa Records, Pasuma has achieved unbelievable success - thanks to his unusual voice, charming looks, fashion direction, and cult followership from fans across South-West Nigeria and beyond. But he has yet to amass the kind of fortune his mentor, KWAM 1 boasts of. For years, many wondered why he was still living in a rented apartment; and why, like the other Fuji acts in his category, he was not parading a fleet of cars.

But, as he told this reporter in 2007, it was only a matter of time. ‘‘My fans have supported me a lot; and I know what they expect from me. I will not let them down, he said at the time, admitting that he was already “building a house around Ojodu in Lagos,” even though he wasn‘t sure if he was going to live in the property or not.

Pasuma‘s journey started from the notorious Mushin, in Lagos; where he lived like the normal half-educated ghetto youth, unsure of what path his future would take. He told e-Punch last year, that it was KWAM 1’s 1984 album, Talazo Fuji that inspired and encouraged him to take to Fuji as a career. He continues to see KWAM 1, as a mentor and father.

Pasuma lived with his mother in Mushin, before moving to a nearby flat where he lived and worked while his career blossomed in the nineties. He drove a Mercedes Benz coupe, favoured designer labels, romanced entertainment journalists, and collaborated with dancehall and hip hop acts. In no time, he became the Fuji darling of the nineties; taking Fuji, (just like KWAM 1) to audiences who hitherto would never had identified with the art. Pasuma dragged the genre by the hand, leading it straight into the mainstream while, over the years, retaining elements that made sure the grassroots-underground followers never felt left out...

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