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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pls nominate 'bjstardom' in the Nigerian Bloggers Award 2011

The Nigerian blog awards is a major event for Nigerian bloggers. This year's  awards is around the corner and i need Your help to make the nominations list. There are alot of categories this year but this blog is eligible to participate in the following categories.
1. Best Daily Read (Blog that is updated frequently or that compels the reader to visit daily for updates. 2. Best Entertainment Blog
3. Best inspiring Blog
4. Best magazine or news Blog
5. Best New Blog (Blog must be less than 12 months old to qualify) (started this blog May 2011 this year)
6. Best Blog by a Blogger based in Nigeria
7.Best Designed Blog
8. Nigerian Blog of the Year Best (overall blog by a Nigerian or best blog with a strong focus on any aspect of Nigeria).
The nominations ends on June 17th so please start voting now. Procedures for nominations.....Go to the Nigerian Blog Awards Nomination Page.
Fill in your name and email address. Please use a valid email address as they send a verification email & if it’s a dud email your nomination won’t be counted. Enter the website addresses (urls) of the blogs not the name of the blog you are nominating, in this case: When you have entered a blog address in each ofthe categories you’d like to nominate a blog for, click the “Submit” button at the bottom left corner of the page. You will be directed to check the email address you used to register your nominations for a confirmation email. Open the email from nigerianblogawards (make sure you check your junk/spam folder too!) and click on the link in the email. This will ensure your nominations are registered. Please click this image

to visit Nigerian blog awards site for more info and vote.

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