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Friday, June 17, 2011

Sunny Nneji releases new N1000 album titled "Timeless"

In 1997, he became a nation-wide success with the release of his soar away, ‘Mr Fantastik’. Many thought he wouldn’t surpass that feat musically, but he did with a resounding success in 2003 after the release of the medley love and marriage song, ‘Oruka’. ‘Oruka’ became a standard wedding song and national anthem of sort. He followed with ‘Face me’, ‘Ojoro’ and ‘Abosede’. Now Sunny Neji is back with musical
cuts that will make the heart merry and the ears tingle and a sense of advocacy in a new album aptly titled, ‘Timeless’.

The album ‘Timeless’ was produced with the eclectic inputs of Samclef, Dapiano, Adebayo, Phat-E and Bright. It introduces exotic remixes, collaboration and he experiments with daring lyrics which is evident in the remix of ‘One more time’ and Bad as I bad ft fragrance.

‘Timeless’ is classic and has 13 tracks, three remixes and collaboration inputs of four artistes; J’odie on ‘Lovey Dovey’, Jhibo on ‘Awarawa’, Fragrance on ‘Bad as I Bad’ and Kiki on ‘No be Oyinbo’. In an audacious move, Sunny and his management company are selling the album for N1, 000, a total departure from the N150 obtainable in the market. It is an initiative he called the advocacy move for the industry.

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