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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Zara storms the studio for her new album

As you read this, R & B singer and Aboko Ku crooner, Zara is in the studio, recording her next album.
Zara said she will not disclose the title of the album, saying it’s yet unknown.
“Right now, I’m seriously working on my next album. It’s a bit challenging but I’m on top of my game. I’m still recording and yet to give the album any name.”
She was however quick to point out that the album will contain about 14 tracks and they are being produced by different but professional hands like I.D Cabasa, Dr. Frabs.
“In all, the album would have like 12-14 tracks. I’m not making use of only one producer but I have some of the best hands to work with. Producers like I.D Cabasa and Dr. Frabs are among those producing some of the tracks.”
Probed further to reveal the tracks billed to be released first as a singles, she said she couldn’t tell until she’s done with recording. She however implores her fans to watch out for her next bumper album before the end of the year.
Zara is an upcoming act who made her debut into the Nigerian music industry recently . And since her return to Nigeria from the United States, she has produced songs like Aboko Ku. Aside from music, she is currently On Air Presenter with the Rhythm FM.

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