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Monday, July 4, 2011

Actor Aremu Afolayan accused of sending romantic mails to Society Women on facebook

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AREMU AFOLAYAN, the upcoming actor and younger brother of popular producer and top actorKunle Afolayan, is the subject of a rumour spreading among top society big babes and their friends living abroad.
As the gist goes, Aremu is accused of sending intimate messages to the inbox of these womenon their Face book accounts. The messages they claim, are not only flirtations, but were crafted to obtain favours both in cash and kind from the affected women.
According to them, it is Aremu’s stock in trade, to send mails, text messages and make phone calls to society women, soliciting for relationships.
In one of such Face book messages,Aremu was alleged to have written to a rich society woman based in Ireland thus,”Enle oooo……se Alafia le wa o?I don’t know if you got my fone number yesterday? I reply your message when you ask if you know me somewhere, I saidyes o… aya yin jani?Elere ori itage ni awa o……. I just like you and I wanna come to Dublin soon for my movie. I know womenthink bad of theatre boyz but emi Aremu Afolayan is not like that o.
I don’t send women message but I just wana be closer to you if u let me.I will expectyour reply…..ahhhhhhh eyin fine gan sha….hmmmmm oko yin ma ntoju yin ohhhhh…..”.
Although Aremu debunked the story in a phone chat, saying that it was pure lies.
According to him, he was too busy to send messages to people he hardly knew. Beyond that, Aremu claimed that his Face book account was hacked into and had been used by some criminally minded elements to send out funny texts, just to set him up.

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