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Saturday, July 16, 2011

How a 51 year old white woman was duped on Facebook by a Nigerian guy

A 51-year-old woman turned over at least $15,000 to a man she considered her boyfriend, though they had only spoken via Facebook and phone.
The woman's sister found out about the transactions and contacted the Marion County Sheriff's Office.
Someone using the name “Martin Kahl” met the woman via the social networking site in June. He told the woman he was going to Nigeria to work on a construction project. A few weeks later, he told the woman that the project had fallen through and he began to ask her to send him money, which she did. The biggest single transaction was for $4,000, which the man said was to free him after he was detained by local police, according to reports.
A check of phone numbers used by theman were traced to overseas numbers and the name “Martin Kahl” was tied to similar scams.

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