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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I dont enjoy sex because I was circumcised: Linda Ikeji reveals through her blogpost

Popular blogger and ex-beauty queen Linda Ikeji talks about her sexual life, below are the excerpts:
This question is from, as in Linda Ikeji, the author of this blog...:-)

So here goes. I haven't been with a man in so long, that I hardly remember what it feels like anymore. Mostly for two reasons. One, I was brought up in a kind of way. I have to really really be into someone before I can share my body with them, and I haven't met anyone special in a long while, so I've been riding solo. It makes me very sad sometimes...

Secondly, I've never really enjoyed sex. And I blame it on the fact that I was circumcised. Some things were cut off, so there's not much sensation down there. I mean, I enjoyed intimacy and when the tonque was at work...*cough*... but penetration was a different case. Half the time, I couldn't wait for him to get off me. (I can't believe I'm writing all these on the internet...hmmm...let's continue sha). So usually, I tell myself why seek something you don't particularly enjoy? What's the point really? So I've basically just stayed away.

But lately I have been feeling somehow and I think it's time to get my groove back. I want to feel like a woman again, so I've decided to find me a man before the end of the year. But I don't want to be turned off sex again. As a circumcised woman, how can I make myself enjoy sex? Does circumcision even have anything to do with it? That's always been my belief because other circumcised women I've spoken with say they don't enjoy sex least not as much as women who were not circumcised.

Do you have any advice for me and other women in my situation? Please I don't want any yéyé responses o. This is a serious matter..:-)

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