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Friday, July 8, 2011

Lyrics of 'MOLOWO NONI' by Samklef ft. Wizkid, D'prince and Iceprince

E yeh yeh yeh,
Baba God noni
Baba God noni ah ah (2ce)
Samklef noni
Its ur boy wizzy
Who goes there
Omo-oba, hmmmnn, Iceprince,
Tell me what to do
Molowo molowo molowo noni
Mo nawo mo nawo noni ah ah
Baba God noni ah ah
(Repeat chorus 2ce)
Verse 1 by Wizkid:
And now i got more money
Noni, I thank God for me
Noni, now they call me Wizzy and
I rep Emezy now
and the girls den dey feel me
See me, I thank God for me
Yeh! Owo nla ni moni
Mo dupe lowo Olorun noni
Aye mo wale sugbon mo njaye mi jeje
I no send nobody
(Repeat Chorus 2ce)
Verse 2 by D’Prince:
Hey omo-oba
Its ur boy omo-oba
This niggas aint serious
Money dey ooze for my body continuously
On my grind and on my alleys
U seen u u see me
U see everything I see
I dey look I dey see
I dey feel i dey sense
You hating but we sitting on the fence
U see me I dey Jonze thats me noni
Don’t trip if u know say u no carry pass me
Let me tell u something something u dont know
Prince of effizzy omo-oba u dont know
How much wey i get walai I dont know
I don show
Prince of Efizzy don blow
As i sabi oversabi be dey worry me
And na kakakaku over kaku dey worry me
No time, having a nice time
It’s the last time, dey go see a bad prince like me
(Repeat Chorus)
Verse 3 by Iceprince:
Iceprince, lets go, Samklef, what it do, Iceprince
Listen, Noni, Why these girls fronting on me
Why are they trying to bring the evil spirits on me
I am still upcoming but am getting money
And next year my star is gonna be sunny
Iceprince, I know u must have heard about me
I dont play piano but am always on key
I always take care
but all about the men that played
they can keep me with the playlist
on the vinyl outta wheel
I am a big ass problem
In the street government
I flow with the intellectual doctor
who are like brothers
Now am sitting on the hill top
A lot is expected
I am getting salute from the rappers i respected
Now am smiling to the bank
Freestyle with the gangs
Still flying with the band
and if u listen closely
the records dey don demand
I wont listen to these haters
talking about the budding bread lies lie
Its me and my homie
I be on every track and nobody can run me
Oh fake shit rappers nobody can on me
What more can I say my Jehovah noni.
(Repeat Chorus till fade)

Note: If u feel some of the lyrics above has a mistake, kindly let us know by commenting on this post! Thanks.

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