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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lyrics of No be Mistake song of 9ice

Opu neku
na me dey talk
No be mistake
Take it by faith
Ma ko ma ko le ye nko
Make e u ate
It’s me dey celebrate
Join me and jubilate
No be mistake o eehhh
No be mistake o eehhh
No be mistake o eehhh
Verse 1
Opo eyan lo ti mo
Pe mo lo Olorun
Opo ojo lo ti ro
Tile ti fi mu
Kayefi lo je fun awon kan
Eniyan eni ibi
Eni ai ji, ai ji ko, akin dani dani
If I be money miss road
Tell me how u go know
Eni o lowo isho
Fe ko le Alhaja gogoro
I don’t know why God choose me
I don’t know why history supports me
Maybe because I am one of them
Maybe because I am proud of them
Because maybe as it goes I run
Because maybe you might hear me fall

I share their pain, I know their gain
It’s my time to reign
Follow me sing his praise
(Repeat chorus)
Verse 2
Nna nu go
No be mistake that I rock this gbedu
No be mistake if I chop your knuckle
No be mistake that I am living large
Mo ti pon omi le dungbe , that’s why I am popular
I believe say you are happy for me
So lets celebrate and enjoy the time been
I am here to stay, no one can deprive me
Expectations rising, to God be the glory
From the beginning, it has been written
It’s not a mistake, now that it’s happening
God that answereth by fire is there for me
O ni kin bi won, sho le kiri iyo ninu ojo
O ni kin bi won, sho le kiri ori ninu orun
Baba ti se asegbe
Adigun jeun lo
(Repeat chorus)
Verse 3
Edumare ti se eee
O fona mi han mi eee
Agbelebu mi re eeee
Ise owo mi, aseye
Omo ti mo bi, abiye
Gbogbo ara ile mi ti gba ire eee
Gbogbo idi ibaje, ti di oun igbagbe
Awon to fi asa kanle ti di eni imoye
Givers never lack
Beggars always ask
any which way, you are free to come my party
Guest feel free but make sure say you hold your buddy
No be mistake say today na my birthday
No be mistake say I was born on Sunday
Join me celebrate I am a year older today
All that came around, a ri oun rere ba ara wa se
(Repeat chorus)
No be mistake o eehhh (3x)
No be mistake o (2x)
No be mistake o , omo na confirm o
No be mistake o, na for real o
No be mistake o

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