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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Moji Olaiya says 'My father will disown me if......'

Moji olaiya is in the league of prominent yoruba actresses that lots of things are going well for in world of make belief business.
She has produced and featured in series of of movies and interpreted her roles to the delight of film producers and movie fans across the globe.
The daughter of great high-life music legend,Victor Olaiya, moji, stormed the screen business by featured in a popular television series, super story and since her inception, the light complexion actress has written her name on the rock.
The movie star recently appeared on a television program where she commented on her life styles,how she has been coping with stardom and other related issues.

The 36yrs old star actress claimed that she cannot act nude because of her humble background. She further refused this by saying: despite am from a showbiz family, i can never act nude and if such happens my father will disown me . She concluded.

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