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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ways in Google+ could steal music fans from Facebook

Google+ may have a tough time making a dent in the popularity of Facebook -- except on the music front.
Google's social network, Google+, is late. Facebook has a big lead, having ousted MySpace, which in turn deposed Friendster, the site that started us all on this path towards recreating our social fabric as a network of connected personal nodes.
Facebook is an excellent tool for sharing music -- usually in the form of Google's YouTube videos -- but even the developer of the top music app on Facebook says it doesn't do enough, musicwise.
And when we canvassed the top 20 Facebook music apps, we were shocked by what we found.
The list of the most popular music apps on this, the most popular social network, included werevertumorro and Shane Dawson TV, which aren't even music apps; they merely alert fans when one of those videobloggers throws up another video on YouTube.
Google+ may have a tough time making a dent in the popularity of Facebook. But on at least on the music front it can make a lot of inroads, fast.
Fact is that music apps on Facebook are lacking -- and this is a real opportunity for a quick win. contacted Google to try to talk about its music strategy for Google+, mentioning Facebook's apparent shortcomings in that area. A spokeswoman declined to comment -- in part, she said, because Music Beta by Google is still in, well, beta.
But even without discussing it with Google directly, we can spot five ways in which Google could become "besties" with music enthusiasts to Facebook's detriment.

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