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Monday, July 18, 2011

Zeus, Bernadina and Mumba evicted as Vina becomes first housemate to make Big Brother Amplified finals

With only one eviction show left for the Big Brother Amplified grand finale, it appears that Nigeria’s Vina would be the first housemate to make it into the finals as she is the Head of house going into Monday’s nominations. It is safe to assume that if she comes up for eviction, she wouldsave herself. Vina survived eviction for the umpteenth time during Sunday evening’s eviction show that saw Bernadina, Zeus and Mumba leaving the competition. Bernadina’s name was the first to be called out and she left the House after embracing and kissing fellow Housemates. Once on stage, she was shown the identity of those that put her on the chopping block. Luclay was one Housemate she trusted, but since Luclay nominated her, she did not hesitate to mention his name as Housemate she would blow a fuse at. All but one Housemate will receive messages from home. Luclay will miss out on an opportunity of hearingfrom home, courtesy of having stabbed Bernadina in the back.
Zeus became the second Housemate to be Evicted, and was quickly labeled as “the most faithful man in Botswana” by IK on stage. Zeus’ vehement refusal to pursue romance with Karen in the House – saying he has a woman he loves and cares for back home –earned him that honour. Once shown who had nominated him, Zeus blew a fuseat Wendall. The Zimbabwean is to wear a floral swimming cap for the entire week in execution of his fuse.
Mumba was the third and final Housemate to be Evicted on Sunday, 17 July. Kim was in tears and Karen visibly distraught, though she did not say a word. Her face painteda picture of resignation and even Vina was lost for words in trying to console her. Mumba’s fuse was blown at Luclay; he is to walk backwards for the whole of Week 12.
Of the Housemates that remained in the House, Karen should feel the most robbed. Her love interest and friend were both evicted in one week and there was nothingshe could do about it.
This is how Africa Voted: Bernadina: 1 Country Vote – Namibia. Zeus: 2 Country Votes – Botswana and South Africa. Mumba: 3 Country Votes – Zimbabwe, Zambia and Angola. Vina: 4 Country Votes – Nigeria, Ethiopia, Rest of Africa and Ghana. Lomwe: 5 Country Votes – Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique.

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