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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Aftermath of UNILAG Students Twitter war, Mo'cheddah was quoted to be cursing some peeps!

The heat between Unilag students was just starting to die down, but another one came up this morning when Jide Aboderin tweeted that he was attacked by a Nigerian artist Mo’Cheddah because he mocked her “big nose” on twitter.
Don’t know how true this story is as we are yet to hear from Mo’Cheddah herself, but Jide said that he was abused verbally and physically by Mo’Cheddah and her friend’s brother (who missed Jide & ended up hitting someone’s wife in the process) while he was at work. According to Jide, Mo’Cheddah threatened his daughter’s life and he quoted her saying “I will cut off your daughter’s fingers and serve them to her on her birthday.” Mo’Cheddah even went as far as saying that Jide Aboderin will use his hands to bury his daughter.
I guess it’s safe to say that Twitter is NOT just Twitter after all. It’s all fun and games until people start getting beat up at their placesof work because of the silly comments they made online. If this story is true then I guess Mo’Cheddah has at least 100 more people to attack because Jide was not the only one that made a comment about her nose.

There were also arguments between Jide & some of Mo’Cheddah’s fans/friends who thought he was lying about the incident.
Source: AMEBOR

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