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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beware of one fraudulent & fake 'Wande Coal Mo'hit' on facebook who requests for recharge cards!

Kindly report this fake dude on facebook who is claiming he is wande coal where as he is just a lazy impersonator who requests for recharge cards from Wande Coal's fans on facebook, check his profile here by clicking php?id=1824356922&v=info&refid =17 or search for Wande Coal Mo'hit, something common about him is that whenever u try to accuse him of impersonation through facebook comment, he would edit your comment to embarrassing and silly comment, he has done that to several people and he did it to me p?story_fbid=1756952183316&id= 1824356922&refid=48 to see it.. You can try to accuse him and see what he will turn your comments to.
He is also in the habit of destroying the image of real Wande Coal and posting rubbish on facebook in which many people thought he was real... Kindly report him to facebook and spread the message...

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