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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boko Harram suicide bomber shot dead in Borno

A deadly explosion was yesterday averted by the police in Borno when a 25-year-old suicide bomber with heavily wired Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) was gunned down by policemen at the entrance of the state headquarters of the police in Maiduguri.

The bomber had defiled attempts to check his Honda Accord car at the command’s gate yesterday afternoon and had driven into the premises, knocking down policemen at the gate. Police authority said the unusual speed with which the bomber drove into the headquarters and his refusal to stop for check and search at the gate drew the attention of some policemen around as they opened fire on him.
Unexpectedly, the car hit a tree and halted immediately while policemen rushed to check the occupant. They were shocked to discover that the driver who defied checks at the sentry was a suicide bomber on a deadly mission.
They also discovered that the car painted in ash colour with registration number AP 851 ABJ was loaded with improvised explosives and 50 litres of petrol, a 28kg of raw acid, six gas cylinders and other devices well wired up to the steering head.
Borno State Police Commissioner, Mr. Simeon Midenda who briefed journalists on the incident said the command had received text messages ostensibly authored by the Boko Haram, threatening to disrupt the ongoing recruitment exercise of cadet policemen at the state headquarters

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