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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Details of how I Left Prostitution - Joy Chidima Jessica Uzochukwu

Good afternoon Joy, what name were you bearing while prostituting?
l never changed my name. My name is Joy Chidima Jessica Uzochukwu
How did you come across Stop Hurting?
How l came about Stop Hurting was that one night, I just woke up when my friend called me around 12 ,1 in the middle of the night, I woke my friend up lets go, out but she refused to go out that night ,l was not used to going out alone, we used to go together because we are many in the room. When they refused, l dressed up because that person that called me was really waiting for me. When l was going, at my junction, l met one lady coming towards me, she stopped me and asked me of my name, where l was going, l told her. She told me to enter her car that she will take me home and make me feel better, l refused, but later, l decided to follow her and l entered her car but on a second thought, l told her to drop me that l want to go back to the club. l really wanted to club that night, so she said okay and told me she will go and drop me at the club, she took my name and telephone number. That was how l met her and she told me she was a Pastor, l didn’t even know that.
Did you follow her that same night or you went to her later?
No, she dropped me at the club and left ,as l was entering the hotel, Police Officers arrested me, l was surprised because that was the very first time the Police will arrest me, so l now picked my phone and quickly called her back and she came back and told the Police to hand me over to her, that she will take care of me .She came to Maryland bus stop and took me to her house.

Was it easy giving your life to Jesus ,after being on the streets ?
NO, it is not that easy o, l am just trying and still praying to God to help me. lt is not easy at all.
Have you gone back to preach to your former room mates and friends?
YES, l went to talk to them but they wouldn’t listen, l was like that before, if Christains come to preach to us ,we will laugh at them, because we don’t have any other job we know how to do without credentials and to us working for somebody is as if you are suffering yourself. Working for a month salary which is not more than 20,000 is suffer head, before one month, you have gotten more than that.
How did you get your customers then?
We have a friend who usually call us when there is a customer, so we rarely stand by the road side. He calls us for parties and clubbing, and there is the assurance that when you are going home, you will go with at least 10k. So that was how we normally operated.
Where are your parents?
My mother lives in Benin, while my father lives in my village in Imo State.
Were they aware of what you were doing?
NO, they did not know, and when l became born again, l did not go there to tell them what I have been up to myself. When l called my mother to thank pastor Eunice, it was from there she got to know because she is a deaconess in her church, she was happy that God has answered her prayers, and she keeps calling to encourage me in the Lord. She did not expect it at all.
What are you going to do now?
Am going back to school next year.

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