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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Female students found to be a virgin after S.S.2 will be rewarded - Dr. Abiola Ajaja

Dr (Mrs) Abiola Ajaja, is a member of the House of Representatives, representing Ibadan North East/South East Federal Constituency. In this interview with TOLUWANI OLAMITOKE, she discusses the plight of women in politics, her activities and marriage. Excerpts:

Now that you stay in Abuja as a law-maker, how do you cope with your marital responsibilities?
Thank God I have an understanding husband who has given me his support from day one. Without him, I wouldn’t have gone this far. Same goes for my children who have been cooperative and understanding. They are grown-ups and as such, don’t need much attention. My spouse is sometimes around with me in Abuja at weekends, while I sometimes travel home to see the whole family. At such moments, we plan, put in place or carry out some necessary things in the family. Thanks, again, to technology, we communicate regularly on phone. My family has made it much easier for me.
Who is your hubby?
He’s Chief Bayo Ayowale Ajaja, former Managing Director, Cooperative Bank now Sky Bank. He’s now into business.
In what ways has he been supportive?
He has given me 100 per cent support. He believes that as a woman and educationist, there is much I can contribute to enhance the lot of women and children in the society especially at the grassroots level.
As an educationist and a mother, what’s your take on youths with tatoo and males putting on earrings?
It’s a display of moral decadence in the society. I don’t take lightly to it. I believe we are fast losing grip of our moral values. These practices are contrary to the norms and customs of our society. They are as a result of exposure to foreign culture through diverse channels like the television, films, internet, magazines, literatures and the likes. This practice is against God’s commandment. I sincerely believe parents have contributed a lot to such behaviours because many are not there to monitor or correct their children. As an educationist and disciplinarian none of my children—biological or adopted is into such practice. I have as part of my target, the youths and the female children especially. There is the need to inculcate in them a sanitised and virtuous lifestyle. As part of my programme or project, female students, if after SS 2 are still virgins will be rewarded. In the olden days, it was a virtue for girls to keep their virginity, but now it’s a taboo.
To stay healthy, many women place themselves on special diet. Do you belong to such group?
No, but I monitor what I eat.
What outfit will you feel uncomfortable in?
Mini skirt or wears that expose the body. These do not glorify God.
Do you have a favourite designer?
I appreciate well-tailored wears , regardless of who made them.
What is it you can’t do without when dressing up?
That’s my wrist watch.
Are you a car freak?
Not at all.
What do you do to keep your shape?
I engage in ten minutes workout everyday and when I’m chanced, I go to the gym.

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