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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lyrics of KELEGBE by Olamide ft. Lord of Ajasa

Hallo baby, its Ola Baby!
Kings of bliss in field, I'm baller baby,
Am i mad?
Then say,

Hey, arm robber
This one they call me arm robber,
Look at now, taking over,
They hating on we cos we taking over

More blessings from above (Kelegbe)
And uncommon favour (Kelegbe)
Owo to nderu b'oshi (Kelegbe)
The world is mine baby (Kelegbe)
Repeat chorus 2x

Verse 1:
As we enter Esu pariwo Jesus
Don't be scared Je..eee..sus
Co...coded tunes we the boss
We don grow up in the game like Rick Ross
Won ni kango loju awon omo odaran
Ta lomo to le gbe na woju lion
Eyin ti coded tunes e ma gbon
ko seni naa to le se Prison Break l'alagbon
Won ni fe fowo taku laya
Won ni fe f'olongbo ja iya-Efun laya
Won ni fe pe Sukura ni Ifunaya
They no fit stop us cos we going higher
Cos this lady is begging don't stop please
I'm throwing in the mug
They blow me with kiss
Streets yumming love
Cos i rep for the streets
When I sweat, na them be my fun to the bloomprince
Repeat Hook once and Chorus twice

Verse 2 (Lord of Ajasa):
Won r'ogun e se
gbe gbe gbe tipe lati ba won gbe
Ati ba won le ati di gba mu
Nigba ta shi omo na gbemu
The are hot but we are fire
Ma tie sunmo cos o ma jo e lara
This one is another
Shey ka da le, awon lo ma tire
Won ye ri nkan so
won de kuro loju kan
Bo mi shey wonu agbon ko le ye won
E farabale, e shi ma riran
Ehn bi won fe bi won ko,
a le salo, Won try gan
Won fe p'omo oro mo'se
Repeat Hook once and Chorus twice

Verse 3:
Olamide is here so press package
Dem say i dey cause heir heart damage
Before dey honour the boy na gabbage
See my life now God don rearrange
They hate it whenever am around
Cos I still shows whenever am around
Omo oro stage from the underground
Whats been missing has just been found
Shey bi ran le fe ri, e maa ri wo
Egungun shi nbo leyin mariwo
I can't shout, mi o le pariwo
(Moni) I can't shout, mi o le pariwo
Repeat Hook once and Chorus 4 times

Lord of Jasa I see u
Yes Baby, Coded tunes
You know how we do
One time, No time
No time dey check time
Id Cabasa, 2Phat, AB1, B'rank
I see u,
Uche am Going in, ah ah,
Take over to bad
Take over to bad
Yes whats it is baby
See off the hiddy!
We are out!!!

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