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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

NDLEA thinking on whether to arrest 2face Idibia on Marijiuana confession

Officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, are in a bit of a logjam over confession of drug use attributed to Nigerian superstar, Mr 2Face Idibia.

Mr Idibia is reported to have confessed to using marijuana in the past, but not anymore as he has since given his life to Christ.

NDLEA agents are now studying their guidelines and Nigerian jurisprudence to determine whether a crime has been committed, whether statutes of limitations applies, and most importantly, whether the confessor can be relied upon as a reliable witness against himself.

A staff of NDLEA had spoke to reporters:

“We have never had this kind of case before where someone comes on television and starts to implicate himself. Normally we rely on tip-off for our kind of work, but when someone comes out to say ‘I have been smoking igbo (marijuana), what do you do?

“It is like a politician coming on Bisi Olatilo show and saying ‘I have been rigging election in the past.’ Will we investigate him? or arrest him? or will we just let him go like that?

“And to make matters worse, when we were collecting our evidence, we got hint that he appeared on one foreign, American show like that; Monica show, or Money show, or something like that.

“When we watched the video, Mr 2Face was the only one wearing shades in the studio throughout. Why? Why will he be wearing shade during interview and saying ‘yes o, yes o’ to the akata (black American) woman interviewing him?

“We really don’t know how to proceed with this one.”

In related developments, ace Nigerian Lawyer, Festus Kuyamo, has offered to represent the musician in the event that he is charged, while legendary Nigerian reggae artist, Ras Kimono, has advised him to claim he’s a Rastafarian, which in essence means that smoking weed is for him, an observance of his religion.

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