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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pastor E. A. Adeboye faults Marriage collapses on sins

He said in his statement on Wednesday, signed by Pastor Goke Aniyeloye, that a lot of men and women were unmarried mainly because of sin.
Adeboye said that many Christians were unmarried today because they deviatedfrom the word of God.
According to him, God’s unchanging nature and His steadfastness guarantee deliverance for his children and saves them from destruction by the devil.
He said that the mostimportant thing in life was not the intensity of a person’s troubles but his ability to locateGod in his crisis.
The pastor said that as God did it for the people of old, he would still do it for thepresent day Christians, adding thathe never goes on break.
Adeboye said that Godwas willing to heal all the sicknesses of his people but stressed that sin could create abarrier to God’s desire to heal his children sometimes.
“God can do all things and God heals all kinds of marital sicknesses.’’
He disclosed that the RCCG would hold a prayer session for thesingles and single parents who are hoping unto God for their spouses on 4 September.

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