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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Soul E Baba to pay N168 Million before he could use his stage name

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When he stormed the music scene, Emmanuel Ifechukwude with the likes of P-Square,2face and Ikechukwu, then he was signed on a record label named Colossal Entertainment Nig Ltd,shortly after he started having issues with the management.
This was in the news then all over the country.We can tell you authoritatively that unless Emmanuel, Soul E pays Collosal Entertainment the sum of N168,486,320 and 5 more albums to complete their agreement,he can never go on any stage in this world to sing with the Stage name Soul E or Soul E Baba or use the beats registered by Collosal Entertainment Nig.Ltd.

We gathered Soul E has breached the term in the contractual agreement on the “Naija is Blessed”CD an investment with considerable resources including flying down to Nigeria of a team of 3 Americans from Houston,Texas at the cost of 5,975,000 and 484,000 on numerous occasions to mix and master the songs to international standard.

Soul E on the effort of Colossal has also done a remix with Bruce Takara,an American artiste in Houston Texas.”Naija is Blessed”CD is the one and only work ever released by Soul E into the market in his whole career and he is contractually bound still to produce 5 more CDs under the record label of Colossal.
Further findings reveals that Colossal purchased musical scores from Houston,Texas U.S.A at the cost of 150,000 US dollars for Soul E, and has also expended time,money and created the making of “Soul E Baba dey Here” video “In my Life; Naija is Blessed” Kekere Niye” and overcomer” out of the nine songs.
There was also a web page at a whooping sum of #80,000.00 yearly for 2005,2006,2007.
The question is will Soul E be able to pay the amount and deliver the remaining 5 albums to move on with his musical career or he has met is water loo?

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