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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top reasons why Celebrities are crazy about Twitter

In the social networking parlance, Twitter is often  referred to as the Internet Private School of the Internet, because from its inception, it has always been classy and elitist, while the likes of Facebook and others are called the Internet Public Schools” because of the large Fanbase, followership, website traffic. and some  other factors. Nonetheless, it’s worthy to state that since the emergence of these numerous social networking sites, life has not remained the same for Nigerian youths and celebrities alike. A lot of things go down on these sites and once you catch the bug, it’s so addictive and you get hooked like your life depends on them. Talk of the pros and coas of such sites.
Research has shown that the primary aim of setting up these sites is to enable people “network”, for business or pleasure purposes, however, in this part of the world, the business part is totally ignored and it’s strictly fun, pleasure and hooking up with the hottest big boys and babes on-line. Like I said earlier, there’s been a kind of mass exodus from other social networking sites to Twitter, because that is where it happens, and that’s where you get to follow your favourite celebrities and also be followed by others as well.Compared to other social networking sites, celebrities world over seem to take Tweeting more seriously and Nigerian celebrities as well are not left out, and these days if you really want to know what’s happening in the lives of your favourite celebrity, Twitter is the place to be. Celebrity tweets often become news-worthy materials for journalists, because these celebrities constantly update their status with the latest happenings in their life. Over the last few months, news stories like the relationship between sexy singer Shakira and Barcelona FC full-back Gerrad Pique broke on Twitter; the beef between Nigeria’s Goldie and the veteran, Baba Dee also started on Twitter. I could also remember a few weeks ago when Nigerian rapper, Naeto C got infuriated with a fan’s comment who said, ‘when his mother, Kema Chikwe was the minister of aviation she didn’t do anything at all';  the comment irritated the rapper who lashed back at the fan.
A while back, Nigeria’s top music producer and CEO of the Mo’hits crew, Don Jazzy was held up in traffic and he was forced to take a bike so he could meet up his appointment, he later tweeted that he gave the bike man N5,000 for the short trip, this gesture of his further endeared him to the hearts of his fans. As a matter of fact, Don Jazzy, Banky W and a couple of other Nigerian celebrities distribute recharge cards regularly on Twitter and the quickest Tweeter gets to enjoy the e-gift.
Another reason Twitter is the hottest social networking site is the kind of flirting that goes on there; several relationships were born on Twitter and there are big boys who are professional pimps on the network as well. The fact that Twitter enables you send direct messages to your followers is one of the features that encourages flirting, because people get to send nude pictures and talk to each other in very raw language without other people noticing. And just on Tuesday, 28 June 2011, His Holiness Pope XVI joined Twitter tweeting that: “Dear friends, I just launched praised be our Lord Jesus Christ! With my prayers and blessings, Benedictus XVI!
Just in case you belong to the school of thought that believes Twitter is crap, you might want to have a rethink, because that's the celebrity internet spot; and also where you get to hook up with your favourite stars and the hottest big boys and babes in town. Sign up now:!.

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