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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Woman kills her husband for forgetting her birthday

A woman in Russia has killed her husband because he forgot her birthday. Lyalya Tupikova told police how her husband Khalpik Tupikova failed to remember her special day before going to work in the morning. Thinking thather husband was going to surprise her when he returned from work, she made time to prepare a romantic dinner for the two of them.
CRIME SCENE: Khalpik Tupikova from Astrahan in southernRussia killed her husband with a stab to the chest.
As the two sat down to eat, it became obvious to Lyla that Khalpik had forgotten her big day.
“It was all too much for her and suddenly during themeal she seized a kitchen knife and stabbed him just above the heart,” said a police spokesman in a villagenear Astrakhan in southern Russia.
The 50-year-old collapsed and died soon afterwards fromsevere blood loss. Tupikova confessed her guilt and she is currently awaiting sentence by the Russian justice system.

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