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Friday, September 16, 2011

Kano Businessman pays 50 Million Naira for nude pics

Most politicians as the rich in the northern part of the country seem to be waking up to the shock of getting billed handsomely and parting with several millions for their sexual escapades which seems to be a new trick in the money making business of a new cabal in the northern part of the country.

Recently one of the biggest traders in Kano, Mohammed Dalhatu was said to have fallen to the gimmicks of the blackmailers who use nude photographs of very important figures with young girls in
sexual acts to extort money from them.

According to the gist,Dalhatu who is known for his high sexual preference for young undergraduates from several institutions in the country especially the Kano based ones,and pays handsomely.

It was gathered that he had several pimps in most of the schools in the northern states who help in ferrying young undergraduates down for sex but the 57- year old fabrics dealer in the popular Kano market got the shock of his life when,weeks ago,his nude pictures in diverse positions were brought to his notice by a young man.

His shock became more confounding when he was asked to pay a hundred million naira or get the pictures distributed freely in the Friday Jumat prayer,a thing that the old Alhaji knew would totally erode all forms of respect he had in the state.

According to source,Dalhatu was actually asked to drop a hundred million naira before the pictures could be returned to him and the case rested but the man had to go into serious pleading and begging before a compromise of 50 million was eventually reached and the big time fabrics merchant in the whole of Kano state rushed to pay to avoid disgrace.

Already,Alhaji Dalhatu is said to have withdrawn to himself.

He has since stopped his free sexual reign that has seen him over the years sleeping with diverse young girls between the ages of 16 to 22 that are ferried from the various higher institutions in the north.

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