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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lagos Big girl Seki Williams turns to prostitute because of hard times

A famous Lagos socialite, Sekinat Williams has taken to prostitution.
Sekinat, who is frequently seen among Lagos party rockers, is said to have resorted to prostitution due to hard times. Sekinat, in her late forties, was deported from the United States in 2004 for an unspecified criminal activity.
Those in the know claimed that though she had always lived off friends like Tope Doherty who has since parted ways with her, Sekinat is said to be unashamed of being a loafer.
Sekinat, now, shorn of her showy lifestyle, merely lives from hand to mouth. Her situation degenerated when most of her benefactors deserted her, hence her decisionto start a prostitutionring.
Insiders claimed that Sekinat, as leader, also recruits some other younger ladies for the act. The source hinted that the desperate Sekinat had turned her residence in Ikeja to an improvised brothel for the sexual convenience of their male patrons. Sekinat’s problem is presently worsened by difficulty to pay her house rent, as her landlady has continued to threaten her with eviction.
Moreover, Sekinat is most sighted around Joel Ogunaike and Isaac John areas of Ikeja, where she hustles her patron. The concern of those who claimed to know about her new trade is her desperation to go to bed for few wads of Naira notes. “It is so terrible that with N3000 or N5000, any man can sleep with her.”
Another source said that Sekinat is noted for fighting dirty and shamelessly, mostly in issues she is not directly affected. Her misbehavior and meddlesomeness was said to have caused one of her friend’s boyfriend to smash her head sometime back with a bottle. The shameful lifestyle has also affected her relationship with her daughter, leading to no love lost between mother and child, with the latter leaving outside of her mother’s Ikeja home.

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