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Friday, September 30, 2011

Lyrics of KOKOROKO by Kefee ft. Timaya

It’s your girl Kefee & Timaya
We dey hot like fire
But right now we dey strike like thunder,
And very soon we go dey blow like Bazooka
Who dey our side?
Na Jehovah.

I’m in love with you for real,
cos I’m among the ones you selected
You came to seal the deal, all
my wrongs you corrected
And then you made an extra move,
by giving your life on Calvary too
What else am I gonna do but love you you,
I love the way you changed my life
And I love the way you put a smile on me.
I realize unconditional love is what you have for me daddy
Your love for me dey kokoroko,
that’s why I no go let you go
That’s why I say

I love the way you hold me - Kokoroko
Your love is- Kokoroko
I love you- Kokoroko (2x)
Baro vo buko, we o chuko (2x)
I will dance for you, my African dance
I will shout for you, I will lift my...

Hey I say this one na love song,
but na for Chineke me
Hey my brothers and sisters,
make una hear the Timaya and Kefee
popodo hey
Everybody make una dey say if
no be Jehovah
My brother na where I for dey today,
people for carry me take
Everybody make una dey say
Yekhilemo (loop)
Repeat Chorus

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