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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How and where fun seekers enjoy their Nitelife in the city of Ibadan

Unperturbed by the economic hardship plaguing the nation, fun seekers in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, still find ample time to unwind and enjoy nightlife in various joints and club houses located in some strategic areas. From Orita-Challenge to Queen Cinema area to Roundabout and Bodija axis, down to Sango, U.I and Ojoo, social activities are always at the peak from around 9.00p.m till the wee hours of the following day.
Night crawlers and club freaks often frequent pubs, brothels and high-profile club houses, depending on their social status, exposures and financial strength, which go a long way in determining where they groove and rock themselves overnight.
Besides, ladies of easy virtues with different shapes and sizes are always at hand to savour the pleasure of the night with men at negotiated prices. However, some female students of tertiary institutions in Ibadan are not left out in the thrills and euphoria as they also storm some club houses to catch their fun.
Customers enjoy varied African and intercontinental delicacies, snacks, fish pepper soup and suya meats with drinks at various fun spots to spice up their night adventures.
In a bid to feel the pulse of the fun seekers and their corporate service providers, including club houses, five star hotels, brothels, pubs and joints, the Nigerian Tribune visited some of these fun spots to catch a glimpse of the socio-economic activities and interact with the stakeholders.
Upwardly mobile guys in the social circles often announce their arrival in their preferred fun spots with their wonder on the wheel automobiles, amidst array of beautiful damsels, which at times keep the mouth of other fun seekers agape.
At Club 0305, situatedon Obafemi Awolowo Way, Bodija, Ibadan, fun seekers could be seen having a swell time at the serene environment, where the club is located, gulping exotic wines as the disc jockey blared hip hop music to complement the flavour. The time wasaround 1.30a.m.
In an interview with the Nigerian Tribune, the spokesman of the club, Mr Sola Ross, said “it takes a great deal of commitment, resources and managerial skill to run a club like this in Ibadan. Here, we offer our clientele the best service in the city with state of theart facilities which would make their stay memorable”.
According to him, “finding time to unwind in this kind of lovely environment is a good and efficient therapy, capable of reducing stress of a hectic day and lowers the risk of high blood pressure among the people. A night out, filled with moderate fun, can go a long way to ward off hypertension and other stress related diseases that can cut one’s lifespan short”.
Describing Wednesdays to the weekends as their peak days, Mr Ross identified epileptic electricity supply as one of the challenges facing the hospitality industry in particular and Nigeria as a whole, adding that “government should address the issue of poor electricity in this country squarely.
“The running cost of the diesel we use to power our generator in two days is N42,000. You can imagine how much it would cost in a month to buy diesel. Invariably, large chunk of the profit will have to be expended on the running cost and overhead. This is quite uneconomical and government should do something positive and drastic on the power generation sector to make life more meaningful for Nigerians”, the Club 0305 spokesman remarked.
Baring his mind to the reporter, Johnson Sekoni, who is a regular customer at the club, stated that a night out in a decent environment was worth it, taking into consideration the need to refresh, unwind and catch some fun after a day’s job.
He continued, “It is crucial for any hardworking guy to find time and enjoy himself because he deserves it. Doing otherwise is a great disservice to oneself. You have only one life to live and there is nothing bad if you maximise all the opportunities to enjoy it to the fullest, provided the means are there”.
Also sharing her experience, Miss Janet Adewoyin, an undergraduate in the University of Ibadan, Ibadan contended that “having fun out here is not a big deal and I see nothing bad in it. You have got to enjoy some pleasuresof life. Mind you, I am not here to do ‘runs’ or get hooked to any man. I just came to spoil myself a little because I need it”.
At the 411 Club, which is close to Club 0305 in the same Bodija axis, situation was the same. Fun seekers, lovers and other categories of people milled around the place to groove tillday break. With flood lights and other decorative attachments, sweet fragrance of delicious foods filled the air.
Meanwhile, a curious look at the streets that lead to these club houses and other adjacent roads revealed the presenceof high class commercial sex workers, posing strategically to showcase their offerings to interested night crawlers.

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