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Thursday, October 6, 2011

I am a Virgin at 27 preserving Myself For My Wife – Ghanaian Actor, Eddie Nartey reveals

News-One has come across a 27-year-old Ghanaian actor who says he has never had sex in his life. Actor Eddie Nartey says he will only have sex on his honeymoon night and before that, his sex organ will never enter that of a woman’s.
Eddie Nartey has even thrown a challenge and stated that no lady can ever claim to have seen his nakedness or had sex with him. “Yes, any lady who says I had sex with her should come forward. No one can come becauseI haven’t. There is no need to prove that I am a virgin. I don’t think any doctor can come and tell me but the fact is I am a virgin. I have dated but haven’t had sex before. Romance yes, but no sex,” Eddie Nartey told News-One. Am proud to be a virgin. was his BBM status. “I am preserving myself for my wife”, he told News-One. What is confusing about Eddie’s declaration is the fact that he was recently in the news for fighting director Kobi Ranaover an actress when they shot controversial movie, ‘Kiss Me If You Can’.
Eddie is known for his role in movies such as ‘Wedlock of the Gods’, ‘Return of Beyoncé’, ‘Fantasia’ with Rita Dominic, Van Vicker and Yvonne Nelson and ‘Shakira’ with Mercy and Majid Michel. He has also received nominations for awards including the just-ended NAFCA awards in the United States of America.

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