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Monday, October 3, 2011

Police arrests Woman who killed her customer over the debt of N300 recharge card

A recharge card seller,Ogochukwu Nweke, recently stabbed to death, a co-tenant and customer known simply as Sunday overa debt of N300, the debt was said to have been incurred from the purchase of recharge cards.
The incident took place at the deceased’s mama J Street Amuwo-Odofin, Lagos residence , several neighbours, who live in the uncompleted one-storey building told Nigerian Pilot, on the condition of anonymity that Nweke was a temperamental youngwoman.
“The whole thing started off as a quarrel over something; nobody is really sure what happen because it was early in the morning, before we know it, the quarrel had escalated with Nweke insisting that Sunday pay her the N300 he owed her” a co-tenant said.
Sunday, it turned out only made a mockery of Nweke,”He not only insult her, Sundayalso made no effort to pay up his debt, the whole thing degenerated into a fight and in the heat of the moment, Nweke grabbed a knife and stabbed him.
“You can see how thisarea is, most of the house owners keep to themselves here, before help could come to take Sunday to the hospital, he had died,” the co-tenant lamented describing the incidentas an unfortunate one, he continued, ‘I am sure Nweke did not mean to kill him, she was only angry. And Sunday himself was a bit of a troublesome person; he wasn’t helping the matters, since the whole thing ended with Sunday’s demise, we notified the police, Nweke was immediately arrested and is now inpolice custody”.
Both Nweke and Sunday lived alone andneighbours claimed ignorance of their families whereabouts.
The Lagos State Police Command, spokesman, Samuel Jinadu, said that the case was under investigation “The suspect is in police custody and the case transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department Panti Yaba, Lagos for discreet investigation,” Jinadu said.

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