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Monday, October 10, 2011

Rapper Saucekid laments on his uninvitation to Iceprince Album Launch

While A-list stars are presently partying with Iceprince at his album launch, Saucekid has been left out in the cold, disturbed and still couldn't believe he never got invite from a rapper he knows so well.
Saucekid will be featured on a track off MI's mixtape album, IM2 (Illegal music 2)
But it's a bit unclear, if this was intentional (as in beef) or an oversight. After all, Saucekid's right-hand man, Davido performed at the event.
Saucekid once refered to Jesse Jagz as "Jagga Swagga" which landed him in hot water, but that's 2009. Jesse's big brother, MI must have settled that anywayz. After all, MI has hyped saucekid after the 'Jesse jagz beef'.
Ok, one thing I respect saucekid for, he won't backdown from speaking his mind. Lol. So, he tweeted this
"Damn am I d only nigga dat didn't get a ninvite for ice prince's launch? Wooooow. How uncool."

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