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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Saheed and Faithia Balogun takes their war to Movie location

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Faithia Balogun

The cold war between estranged movie couple,Saidi and Faithia Balogun is yet to be over,despite efforts of their colleagues,fans and top personalities to settle the rift that led to their separation few years back.

Recently,at the movie location in Iba,a suburb of Lagos,the estranged couple were said to have avoided each other for the whole days the shooting of their roles took place.

The movie was produced by a mutual female friend,Kemi Korede,who made fruitless efforts to pair

Saheed Balogun
 them both.She only succeeded in giving the former husband and wife separate role.

Also,Saidi and Fathia were invited to two different locations in Abeokuta,by an actor and producer,Segun Ogungbe,while Fathia was invited by another producer but were interestingly lodged in the same hotel.

Perhaps,it was another plot to make peace between the former couple but those efforts failed woefully.

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