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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Justin Beiber shot dead at CSI TV SERIES

In a scene that will surely horrify his millions of teenage fans, Justin Bieber has
been shot dead on hit
TV show, CSI.
The 16-year-old returned to the crime
series to revive his role
playing troubled teen
Jason McCann in an
episode titled A Target
of Obsession which
aired in the U.S. last
The action packed
episode involved his character McCann in a
house bombing but the
crafty teen manages to
fool the authorities and
keep his innocence
intact until the case
reaches the courts.
As the pieces of the
puzzle come together,
it becomes apparent
that the clever teen
played by Bieber is the
mastermind behind the
house bombing and the
police close in.
The result is a dramatic
standoff between
McCann and the
authorities which ends
in a storm of gunfire
where McCann is shot
and avenges his
brother’s death with his final breath.
Sources reveal the
producers originally
wanted Bieber to blow
himself up during the
standoff but in the end
felt a shoot out with
the police would be
more dramatic.

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