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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The real reasons i didn't join in the protest against fuel subsidy removal- Terry G

At a time when fellow artistes were all out to protest against the removal of Fuel Subsidy by the Jonathan adminstration, House of Ginger master, Terry G refused to join the protests.
Terry G gave reasons why he didn’t show up at the protest in an interview he recently granted an online magazine, saying he didn’t see any reason to be at the protests.
According to Terry, the protest as a waste of time because instead of artistes protesting against the removal of Subsidy, the protest became a means to perform their songs.
“…I don’t get it, I sawartistes performing their songs and forgetting what the protests really meant.What’s the point in that? I’m not looking for that kind of attention” he commented.
Instead of being at the protests, Terry G took out time to share already packed food prepared by his mother, to hungry street children and area boys, claiming that they needed his help more than his presence at the protests.
“My people have found it hard to eat so I just brought some food for the hungry kids”, he said.

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