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Monday, March 26, 2012

Wickedness! Pastor kills wife for refusing to have sex with him

A senior Pastor of United Evangelical Church,Rev. Sunday Alfa has murdered his wife, a mother of 4 for refusing him sex.
The wife, Mrs. Rose Alfa was murdered in the Mission House at

Abuja Big girl runs mad during sex session with lover

She was a young and pretty babe with the telecommunications outfit, MTEL years back. That was until it folded up and she went into private business.
Meanwhile, it was while there that Teju Salau met and started dating an Edo born young man simply known as Kingsley.
According to reports, the guy came from one of the Local Governments that borders Ondo State.
The guy had an ambition to travel

Aftermath of split, Don Jazzy hits Multi-million Naira deal with Samsung

This must be a happyand good time for Michael Collins Enebeli, who is well known as Don Jazzy, as he has slapped with a juicy deal.
According to information available from a reliable source, the celebrated music

Whitney Houston, Music, Death, USA

Whitney Houston’s years of cocaine abuse led to her tragic death, it was revealed that the pop icon had cocaine in her system when she drowned in a hotel bathtub, according to

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pastor Oyedepo floats Dominion Airline

Nigeria’s richest pastor and self-styled bishop, David Oyedepo, has made a glistening addition to his business empire by floating an airline called Dominion Air.
Oyedepo, who a few years ago ignited debate on flamboyant

Saturday, March 24, 2012

D'banj's younger brother Kay Switch denies been signed to Koko Music of D'banj

K-Switch, Dbanj's younger brother and a member of now defunct Mo'hits crew has refuted the report going round that his brother (D'banj) has formed new record

Photo of the day: Funke Akindele connecting Telephone with Blackberry

Funke Akindele will not cease from making us laugh with his hilarious character. The above pics speaks a lot.

Late Rapper MC Loph Fiancee delivers baby boy

News filtering in sayslate MC Loph’s fiancĂ©e, Nkiru, has been delivered of a bouncing baby boy.
Nkiru, who was pregnant at the time of her fiancé death

Video evidence of D'banj saying he owns Mo'hits records

Following the uproar last week of D’Banj telling Ebony Magazine “He owns a label called Mo’ Hits and Don Jazzy is his artiste”.
Themagazine, the following day Ebony changed the excerpts of the interview to “I

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Top 10 reasons why Don Jazzy might lose for breaking up with D'banj

According to Y'naija Magazine'
Okay, first let me sayI am firmly#TeamDonJazzy. Well, not really. I am#TeamMoHits. But if (perhaps, when?) D’banj and Don Jazzy do finally – officially – break up, I am unquestionably#TeamDonJazzy. So, understandably, now that he is being played as the underdog in the unfolding drama over a rumoured split, I find myself taking hisside.
But that’s just emotions. When it comes down to the cold, hard numbers – who stands to lose the most if the two partners split? I say Don Jazzy, and I havemy reasons below.
1. Dbanj has Kanye (at least as far as the eyes can see)
Going by the release of today’s Oliver Twist,

Lyrics of Chop my Money remix by Psquare ft. Akon and May D

Its the remix yeah, the remix yeah
Akon, Psquare, Mister May D
Konvict Music
First of all you are the type of woman that stays on my mind
walk down the street, every guy wanna jump on your behind
Its your seduction that makes sure that we stay in line
sexual corruption cuzi’ll kill anyone for your time
(Time, Time, yeah)
Even though I make real dough, your the reason

Monday, March 5, 2012

D'banj and Don Jazzy set to go seperate ways???

Mo’Hits pair D’Banj andDon Jazzy are on the brink of splitting up due to creative and personal differences. A source close to bothparties has revealed that the relationship between the two is now so fractured thatDon Jazzy has since moved out of the mansion they once shared in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.
Don Jazzy, according to

Lyrics of JARA ON TOP by Olamide ft. Sugarboy AB1 (exclusive from

Coded tunes, we’re back at it again
This is for the ladies
Olamide is here, Sugarboi, everyone dey here
Coded Tunes in the building
ID Cabasa self dey here
Jara on top, she love me she give me, jaraon top
My baby give me, jara on top,
She love me she put am, jara on top
shai, o ooh jara on top (3X)
Oshe, Animashaun, Omosalewa
O kan nice ni, ko n s’oloso lo se sarewa
K’ama f’orogun, awon alagborodun ni’pe awon kan se solo fun awon pe
A ma n jolo ju
O n pe! Mi o ni fe fi mo daku s’ere ni Saudi

Lyrics of BOYZ ARE NOT SMILING by Olamide ft. Terry Tha Rapman

B.A.N.S is the movement baby
all boys come out#Olamide is here#
all boys come out#Terry tha rapman is here too#
You know how we do it….Coded Tunes
All the money in the world,can make them rich,but it can never make
them the leader
dem fit get craze but dem no get witch
the future is here and na we be the leader
[boys are not smilinga a a x3]
Olamide verse 1
i pledge to Nigeria,my country
but how do i serve you with all my strength when i’m hungry
I love you and you know that the love is real

Lyrics of Responsibility by Olamide ft. Adol

A le sa lo responsibility. ..responsibility
Ile aye ni ile eko wa
Ka f’ara bale ka dopin
Le to wa
[responsibility x3]
Oya lets go,e je ka lo
We no fit run away,ah o le sa lo
[responsibility x3] wa ni
Olamide verse 1
Small like a departmental course
Ko ni da ko carry e
Coz life is a biatch
Ko ni da ko marry e
You can love her
But falling in love is the barrier
Coz when you start you get carried awayfrom your carrier
Who wanna go to hell? Nobody wan die
The only question
I wanna ask is why?
People hide away from truth and stick to the lies
I know frustration,isin the air bi eruku engine danfo
But Baby come near, su’nmo bi je ka fo


Shizzy Shizzy
On the beat is Davido
E ma dami duro (mi duro)
Emi omo baba olowo (olowo)
Ani wo fe da ma dami duro (duro)
Ewo won, won fe bami nawo (nawo)
E ma dami duro (mi duro) Ye
Emi omo baba olowo (olowo)
Ani wo fe da ma dami duro (duro)
Ewo won, won fe bami nawo (nawo) Ye
And On the beat is Davido
And i am driving all the girls crazy yo
Na na na na na na nana na
Na na na na na na nana na
And On the beat is Davido
And i am driving all the girls crazy yo
hmmm…Won gbe

Lyrics of KAKO BI CHICKEN by Reminisce

Oyi rapper,i’ve moved on to greaterthings,i’ll see you in jiffy thank you.
How far,how far wan ni 27765 report ur location,sarz on the beat aka nacademus
won ni mo n big meech(mo n big meech)
mo n larry hoover (mo n larry hoover)
mo n nawoya(mo n nawoya)
oun dun bi woofer(oun dun bi woofer)
kalo lo ni ru(kalo lo ni ru)
kalo fa skunk(kalo faskunk)
lodo sikiru(lodo sikiru)
shey yen loge punk(ooh ooh)
eruku wole(x6)
ladugbo mi ooh(calm down,calm down)
let’s go there
kako bii chicken
marun bii pako(x5)
won ni mo n big meech
mo n fally pupa(fuck it)
mo n kabo snoop
(kabo snoop)
emi pakikula
omo mo sun ti
abi kerosine
no slow motion
action to supreme

Lyrics of GO GAGA by Durella ft. Wizkid

Miskiya…Wizzy, lets go
na na na na na na na
Enemies, oya na, je ko mo
ye ye ye ye ye
Omo, the way you dey carry, ekpe ti kpe kpe
You dey make me dey fantasy baby
Iconic music
The way you wine, you wine, you dey make me go gaga
You dey make me lose my mind, you dey make me go gaga
You wine, you wine, you dey make me gogaga
You dey make me lose my mind, you dey make me go gaga
oya na na na na na na (na na na na na)
oya ye ye ye ye ye (ye ye ye ye ye)
Durella and Wizzy (Omoyapayasaki)
Oya ye ye ye ye ye (Yes o..king of the Zanga)
Na you dey make mego gaga
Me Durella the king of the Zanga
Bo se n se ni o ye mi
But that one no mean se o ni te le mi

Lyrics of BEEF by M.I.

Ah ah, my people have a saying
The child that has said his father will not sleep
Shall also not sleep ah ah M.I Chocolate City
Verse 1
See dem see dem
Dey wanna beef me
Now that they see BET on my CV
Now that I be frequently on the tv
They wanna go there but can’t afford the TP
My motto is do more, talk less
Never get mad at another mans success
So when people tryna make sure I chop less
I say no be your fault ur just jobless, nonsense
But do you yeah,

Lyrics of ONE NAIRA by M.I. ft. Waje

Verse 1
Hey princess
I’m so into you
Cause u see past what my revenue is
And love me for me, clever you
Leave you that is something I will never do
Other girls just wanna get rich quick
See them running things like Olympics
Married men chopping them like biscuits
They’re fast food girls, their fish stinks
But what we have isso realistic
There’s no forming girl, no film tricks


Naija stand up
J-town stand up
Abj stand up
Twenty ten stand up
We have arrived
M.I 2
This is officially the count down
C-city baby
Chocolate boys
yes yes yaw
Undisputed Champion
Nobody can do what I’ve done
Nobody fit crash me
Nobody do pass me
Nobody fit chance me
Be like say dey don jazz me
Dey don jazz me
Be like say dey don jazz me
Verse 1
Which kain witch-craft, which kain juju
Can make you do

Lyrics of LOVE U by Jesse Jagz ft. Brymo

[Jesse Jagz]
I love wetin you do
cant you see I’ve been waiting for you
and it’s a day to two
i don’t wanna do something too late to do
baby girl I’m feeling your style
and you could bring it so you better bring the world uh child
be my baby boo
I l.o.v.e you
It’s only you
baby it’s me and you
and I’m feeling you
and the love that I got be freeing you
I’m gonna keep it true
If I have you I be

Lyrics of OLOFOFO by Iceprince ft. Wizkid

Oya o
Sometimes I wonderwhat they say
When they see me passing by
And I be so fly
Sometimes I wonder what they say
When they see me passing by
And I be so fly
Olofofo wa soro mi
Bi ba gbe isu le na, wa soro mi
If I do anything, wa soro mi
Them no dey let me

Lyrics of EME BOYZ by Wizkid ft. Skales and Banky W

We be killing every show
we get the girls dancing on the floor
we no go stop we go dey carry go
cuz they love that EME boys
See me now I dey run the show
from Monday to Sunday you should know
we no go stop we go dey carry go
cuz they love that EME boys
EME soldier, young K the king
taking no chance we

Lyrics of NOBODY TEST ME by Jesse Jagz ft. Iceprince and M.I.

[Ice prince]
They try to put me out but I’m topping my game
walk by the streets and they calling my name
Nobody, I say nobody
Writing my raps all day by the corner
I don’t give a f’ck I say what I wanna
Nobody, I say nobody
They try to put me out but I’m topping my

20 year old School dropout delivers baby boy for rapper ICEPRINCE

Popular rapper Panshak Zamani, better known asIce Prince, is now a father.
THENETNG confirm that the‘Choc Boy’is now daddy to a baby boy with 20-year-oldBimbo Babatunde.
The young lady, a former student of the Houdegbe North American University in Benin Republic, reportedly gave birth on Thursday, March 1, 2012. The baby’s name, according to Bimbo is