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Monday, March 5, 2012

Lyrics of BOYZ ARE NOT SMILING by Olamide ft. Terry Tha Rapman

B.A.N.S is the movement baby
all boys come out#Olamide is here#
all boys come out#Terry tha rapman is here too#
You know how we do it….Coded Tunes
All the money in the world,can make them rich,but it can never make
them the leader
dem fit get craze but dem no get witch
the future is here and na we be the leader
[boys are not smilinga a a x3]
Olamide verse 1
i pledge to Nigeria,my country
but how do i serve you with all my strength when i’m hungry
I love you and you know that the love is real
it’s not because of money,cloth or all the luxury
youth yapa s’igboro like chicken with no poultry
vision 2020 ê gbo ni ibo lo’n tiri
the truth,; we playing ganes
now they wanna play us like lottery
ta ba ma fi hammer kan iso shey la ma gba la to ri
them say we too dey vex
dem say we too deybinu
we no dey smile at all
awa o rerin ti o denu
eerin ti wo’n ba Abiola rin titi tí wo’n fi pa danu
oun lo’n tun fe ra owo le
e so fun won kan ja danu
Olamide verse 2
we’re here for something more reasonable not fighting
this movement is all about uprising
To me dem be like birthday cake with no icing
more like a fine art teacher with ugly writing
all thier old stories gat us doing like aaaargh
and we gat voice,so we gat to create ourown words
All they want is money and power and make we call them my chair
That one na old method
this is brand new naija
just dey know,but don’t know,if they gat an idea
so fun won ki won gba gbe oshi
no body wey dem fitride here
Wetin dem tell us is the same thing the told us (past years x4)
Terry tha Rapman
It’s like a jungle sometimes,that makes me wander
keep me from going under
how i keep from going under
Put my faith in the Lord however e gatsbe
Coz nowadays,i dey even fear police passthief
Coz if you no drop the something themfit turn real nasty
And dem get guns like Rambo and dem fit just blast me
Politicians dey. . . .deyfight over oil fields
Leaving nothing for boy Naija Delta boys kill
B.A to the N.S is howthe boys feel
Religious leaders wey we dey look up to for guidance
Use religion turn our head
They wan divide us,as they wan divide us
Just because we be minus
But,the more they try to Kpai us the more they Multiply us
The First comes the mass killings and thesilence
All the government does is condemn theviolence. . . .

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