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Monday, March 5, 2012

Lyrics of Responsibility by Olamide ft. Adol

A le sa lo responsibility. ..responsibility
Ile aye ni ile eko wa
Ka f’ara bale ka dopin
Le to wa
[responsibility x3]
Oya lets go,e je ka lo
We no fit run away,ah o le sa lo
[responsibility x3] wa ni
Olamide verse 1
Small like a departmental course
Ko ni da ko carry e
Coz life is a biatch
Ko ni da ko marry e
You can love her
But falling in love is the barrier
Coz when you start you get carried awayfrom your carrier
Who wanna go to hell? Nobody wan die
The only question
I wanna ask is why?
People hide away from truth and stick to the lies
I know frustration,isin the air bi eruku engine danfo
But Baby come near, su’nmo bi je ka fo
I know you’re not scared
But don’t pretend you’re kinda baffled
E no show for your face but you carry am for head like [afro x3]
I can feel your heart beat
I can hear your soul singing to it
But no be R n B
na song of sorrow
Na im dey make yourheart bleed
It’s killing you
u’re finding it hard tobreath
See we’re just ordinary people
So get your mind right
Don’t get your mind cripled
Life becomes hard
When we don’t take it simple
Do what you’ve gat to do
And leave a spot likepimple
Adol verse 2
In tears,mo mo ibi ogbon wa o
mo mo ibi ogbon wa o
ani ogbon gan o si ni ile,mo wa lo s’oko
a a a
| Coz i go love Wisdom
and i go date Wisdom
kiss and caress wisdon,even my wisdom
Coz all i dream is all i see x2
Olamide verse 3
lets do this
To all my street soldiers on the battlefield
You need not to tell me,i know how you feel
If you no get faith again
Start to dey refill
Though na every Mike Tyson get im own Holyfield
Eyan kan o le wa la ye
ki ti e ma de ba
eyi to de ba mi ni mo’n le
mo de need lati le ba
Omo ti oo je iya,to ni ohun gbon
e ba mi bere lowo e ta ni teacher to ko
Wo’n ni e duro ni Surulere
wo’n ni awon lo si ona osogbo
to ni suru ba de
wo’n ha la nu so pe awon rogo
Omo iya mi ja ara e
je ki won ba e la’kissa
ati se ori ire no be byAmerican visa
It is what it is
It’s best you realise
you gat to give it all it takes with blood inyour eyes
When a dead man walk the Living man should rise
If you dull for warfront
you get hit by surprise
we’re going up down,up down
soldier go,soldier come
you become an old soldier
When another soldiercome
Bi o fi imu ara e mi
Ko si eni to ma mi fun e
Oyo ni everybody wa
bee ni mo wi fun ee

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