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Monday, March 5, 2012


Naija stand up
J-town stand up
Abj stand up
Twenty ten stand up
We have arrived
M.I 2
This is officially the count down
C-city baby
Chocolate boys
yes yes yaw
Undisputed Champion
Nobody can do what I’ve done
Nobody fit crash me
Nobody do pass me
Nobody fit chance me
Be like say dey don jazz me
Dey don jazz me
Be like say dey don jazz me
Verse 1
Which kain witch-craft, which kain juju
Can make you do thethings you do
Girls go gaga, guys go ku-ku
When you write the tracks they go chu-chu
You came in the game just like mumu
Now you chopping the game its like fufu
Which food will the make the flow proper
Which medicine man and which doctor
No shisha, no sepe
Ah, e mi o repete
My time is prime, I’mlike Keke
Just jeje making my pepper
No obstacle and no hinderance
No gate in front of my entrance
No checking, No road block
In a matter of time, I’m gon blow up
(Repeat chorus)
Verse 2
Every time i grab themic i know
My flow insane like apsycho
Flow so fat, its needing lypo
Flow so hot it burns am pyro
Undisputed that’s the title
Top of the continentlike Cairo
Even down south i rock like pito
I’m too bad I’m bad like Michael
M.I bout to change the game 2 times
Haters can kiss between ma 2 thighs
Choc Boys rising we the new guys
Anything i can do they do twice
Anybody else who need a few tries
Some say they better than me
Its suicide
Anyone who can usetheir 2 eyes
Will know say they no go fit ma shoe size
Cos I
(Repeat chorus till fade)

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